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Central - 24th Feb 2019
Sunday Lunch, Burntisland

Tayside - 24th Feb 2019
First Run of the Year

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Trip to V&A Dundee

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Central - 27th Jan 2019
Sunday Lunch, Gatehead

Tayside - 18th Jan 2019
Tayside Test Event

Grampian - 13th Feb 2019
February Pub Meet

Highland - 17th Feb 2019
Karting at Lhanbryde


Tayside Region Previous Events

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NSS Fife Run : 30th Aug 2009
With a Dave and Caroline run you'll always find something a bit different. Whether it was the statues of Jim Clark and Robinson Crusoe, the now trademark jaunt across the first fairway at St Andrews, the maze of roads we zigzagged across on our way to our lunch destination, or the organic food ..........
Comments : 6 (latest 6th Sep 2009 22:30) >> more info
NSS Mini-run : 3rd Aug 2009
The last minute change of date due to the Scottish summer did not put off another terrific turnout; 9 drivers and their long-suffering passengers headed east out along the country roads along the top of Dundee. Uncluttered by caravans and tractors we dropped down into Arbroath Harbour after ..........
Comments : 5 (latest 5th Aug 2009 18:09) >> more info
Arbroath Seafront Spectacular : 25th Jul 2009
[ no report ]
Comments : 5 (latest 26th Jul 2009 09:06) >> more info
NSS Mini-run : 6th Jul 2009
Having watched the skies all day, hearts sank when stairrods started falling out of the sky 45 mins before departure, but the members who showed up were rewarded for their faith. Apart from one sharp downpour where the convoy watched in glee as Colin's hardtop closed at a glacier-like speed, ..........
Comments : 7 (latest 10th Jul 2009 20:10) >> more info
NSS Rest and Be Thankful Run : 7th Jun 2009
What a fabulous day out it was today. We started off at Inchture with everyone there on time and a nice surprise to have Neil and Callie & Alf join us. We were already expecting Gerry up from Alloa with his MGF with his naughty 2 litre Honda Civic R engine, but he brought along his mate Dave ..........
Comments : 10 (latest 9th Jun 2009 22:19) >> more info
NSS Mini-run to Anstruther : 11th May 2009
The ideal run will be sunny, dry and warm. We may only have achieved 2 out of 3 for our first evening mini-run, but this was quickly forgotten as a superb turnout arrived at the car park at the south end of the Tay Road Bridge. With Alan R's request to bring his MX-5 as he didn't own a mini ..........
Comments : 8 (latest 14th May 2009 23:00) >> more info
NSS Aboyne Bound Run : 19th Apr 2009
If someone told you he was going to organise a run which consisted basically of going to the end of a road and back, you'd probably claim you were washing your hair that day. However, when that road is the Cairn O'Mount, one of the best roads in the region, Colin felt it had to be included ..........
Comments : 4 (latest 20th Apr 2009 21:36) >> more info
NSS Start of Season Pub Night : 4th Mar 2009
Edited: 6th Mar Fortunately the snow forecast by Teletext failed to appear in Dundee and so we were able to meet up at the Birkie in Dundee for a pleasant Start of Season Pub Meal. It was good to see a combination of old faces and new, with Rick and Julie joining us the first time and John's ..........
Comments : 3 (latest 10th Mar 2009 14:24) >> more info
Closing Pub Night : 10th Nov 2008
As the sun set on a distinctly autumnal (i.e. cold, dark and wet) November evening 7 cars containing 10 members rolled up at the Birkhill Inn in Dundee to see off the 2008 NSS season with a very pleasant evening with friends. We decided this season to have meals rather than just a drink and ..........
Comments : 0>> more info
Wet Leaves Run : 19th Oct 2008
One of the reasons why the NSS area has such strong runs is because the changing colours of the leaves offer a superb background to our autumnal runs, and Tom's Wet Leaves Run lived up to its name. In fact you could have dropped the word "Leaves"! As 9 cars pulled up at the Horse Shoes Diner ..........
Comments : 3 (latest 23rd Oct 2008 13:23) >> more info

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