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Forres Vintage Rally & PubMeet
Sun 5th May 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Forres Vintage Rally Sunday 5th May

Another good turnout for the Forres Vintage Rally with eight cars from the Hi-5s plus an additional three from our friends in Grampian.

Macrae and Dick Mazda had kindly agreed to loan us their 2.0 Sport Tech Nav demonstrator to take to events.  Frankie and I picked it up on Friday night  and took it for a short drive, just to get the feel of it so we knew what we were talking about on Saturday - honest Doug!!

The event was organised by Dave and Val who had managed to get us positioned on the top of the bank overlooking the whole showground as we were last year.  This time less the scaffie truck - not pretty despite being brand new.  We met up in the James Jones carpark and being my sad old self, I had the cars arranged in age order.  Fortunately we had one of each mark so it actually looked pretty good, I thought. That was until Diane arrived late in her Mk3 and had to be tagged on next to Alan's beautiful Blue Mk1. All my hard work! (Just kidding Diane, it was great to see you).

It was a beautiful day when we pulled up along the escarpment but it was blowing a hoolie on top of the hill.  We erected our billboard and feather flag and moved on to the tent.  There were already a couple set up on the lower levels so I reckoned we'd be fine.  Wrong!  The fact that it needed ten of us to hold the thing down while we pegged it into the very sandy soil should possibly have been a clue.  Or perhaps the fact that the pegs slid in so easily and we didn't need the 4lb mallet.  Anyway we got the final guy line in place and everyone started to drift off to have a look at the other exhibitors.

Just before this we had moved the feather flag as the wind was blowing it onto one of the cars.  We then had to take it down as the force of the wind actually bent the 12mm screwed rod which was holding it to the base.  This was the final warning we failed to pay attention to!  Frankie and I were tidying a few bits back into the car and noticed a couple of tent pegs lifting out of the ground. We were just about to push them back in when a strong gust grabbed the tent and flipped it totally over.  Fortunately we had set it up on the downwind side of the cars so nothing was damaged, except the tent, sorry Iain!  Fortunately there were a few visitors looking at our cars who kindly grabbed hold of a piece of tent fabric while Frankie and I tried to disentangle the guys from the tent to enable us to get it dismantled.  Not one of my best ideas!

With some degree of normality restored we also wandered off to look around the show.  There were some really stunning vehicles to admire.  A couple of old bubble cars. A half-track Citroen, where does someone find such a vehicle? Several clubs were present, the  Highland Audi Owners Club, Scottish Capri Club, Scottish Scobbies Club (Subaru Impreza’s), NE Scotland Lotus Club and the Mercedes Benz Club. But we have to say nothing looked quite as spectacular as twelve gleaming MX5s lined up along the top of the highest point overlooking the event like some royalty surveying their kingdom.

Throughout the day we were entertained to the sounds of the local pipes and drums interspersed with the local answer to Ry Cooder or Jim Reeves - some of his numbers were really quite good but fortunately we were told he still had a day job.

All too soon the event was coming to an end and the tannoy announced that the prize winners should make their way to the bandstand for presentation of the prizes.  As several of us were already standing right there we decided to hang about and see what had won the day.  In first place was a truly immaculate Morris Minor in absolutely pristine condition.  Second was another Morris Minor Soft Top and in third was a beautiful Jaguar.  This was the point when we realised the Judge was an ardent Hearts fan.  Every car on the podium was painted a deep maroon!

The day was at an end so we dismantled the display banner, the only thing which had survived the winds, and headed off to the Ramnee for a bite to eat and to have our monthly meeting, after saying farewell to our friends from Grampian who had joined us for another excellent Hi5s day out.

A big thanks to Dave and Val for organising a great day.

Postscript - we obviously weren't the only people who thought that the line of cars along the top of the hill looked good.  The P&J ran a pictorial on the day and there amongst the pictures was a beautiful arty-farty snap along the front of our beautiful 5s all lined up to millimetre precision, well almost!

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Your Comments
5th May 2013 18:36 :: IanH
What a fab day, nice run up from Inverurie, great to spend time with Hi-5's at Forres and an Ice Cream stop in Huntly on the way back, what more could you ask for!

6th May 2013 20:52 :: wendy
A great day again at Forres the weather kind shame about the wind. Thank you Conner traveling with me to the show it was lovely having your company, and hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did and of course Charlotte your sister

8th May 2013 12:48 :: Richard and Maureen
Big thanks to the Hi-5's for a great day and warm welcome as always. Good to catch up

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