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Rally - Forres
Sun 6th May 2012
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 21
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Well what can we say - another great day out for the Hi-5s and some excellent company too!!

Many thanks to Doug and Muriel, Ken, Martin and Kirsty, Dave and Val and Wendy and Elspeth.  Shane had to call off at the last minute which was a great pity as he had spent all Saturday polishing his pride and joy!

Also thanks to those who came along to visit us. The ALS, new member Andy H from Elgin and not yet members Kevin and Elaine from Inverness.

But the biggest thank you must go to the Cheshire and North Wales Area of the MX5OC - all 15 cars of them!!!  We'd like to claim this as our event but we know you had already planned on coming along before we realised we were both there.  It was great to meet up with you and thanks again for bringing so much sunshine with you.

A brief report - Four cars left the DFS carpark in Inverness at the allotted time.  Because of the fairly early start the gates were still closed - that was until one of the guys came along and simply pushed them open - they weren't locked!!

Brian led off, with Martin in his bright blue Mk1 acting as tail gunner - very easy to see if we've lost anyone.

We arrived in Forres just after 10am to meet up with Wendy and Elspeth and Dave and Val in the James Jones car park.  We then drove in convoy up Forres High Street and into the Grant Park.  When we were given our location we were at first a wee bit dejected - "Can you go and park up at the top of the hill next to that brand new scaffie wagon" said Sharon's Dad.  Firstly we weren't too happy at being next to a scaffie wagon - brand new or not, then secondly we were on top of a very large bank not part of the main event.  Just to make it worse the area was deep in shade from the trees on Forres Hill - and it was already cold enough.

However this was our spot so off we went.  When we actually got over / up there it was actually quite an advantageous viewpoint covering the entire showground as you can see from one of Frankie's photos.  Martin took charge of parking and had us all in a perfect line along the edge of the slope - it was already looking good.  The next thing we had to do was set up all our paraphernalia.  The feather flag and banner were no problem as we'd had them out before.  The Display Dome was another matter.  How many grown men does it take to erect a Display Dome? - see another of Frankie's pictures. And this was with the help of Martin who reckoned he'd actually erected it once before.  Needless to say we managed to get it erected, with the help of the local TA and some of the girls!!

With everything in place we decided to adjourn to the tea tent for a coffee and await the Cheshire and North Wales gang.  They arrived in style!  Instead of driving round the outside of the arena and behind the tents they came right in through the centre of the ring!  Nice one guys!

They were soon tagged onto the end of our line stretching along the entire length of our elevated plateau overlooking the main arena - it was like the Apaches about to descend on Custer - or one of these cowboy films!!!

Once we had made our intros and so on it was a case of wandering off to view some of the amazing classic and vintage cars , motor bikes, steam engines and stationary engines on display.  The range and quality of the entrants was really quite spectacular.

The guy on the Tannoy really was quite loud and we got a bit fed up of him mentioning every other breed of car, so Frankie and Wendy went over and sorted him out.  The next announcement was to inform the crowd of the rather large contingent of MX5s along the top of the slope including some 15 cars all the way from Cheshire and North Wales - well done girls!

We had a steady stream of visitors admiring the MX5s - we reckon Ken probably sold his car several times over - (Dugie - have you got him on commission? - if not you should have)!!  We're not sure if we actually signed up any new members but some of our guys deserve a medal for effort if nothing else.

The show was sponsored by Benromach Distillery - part of the welcome pack was a miniature of Benromach.  This wasn't enough however from our new friends from South of the Border.  They had arranged a personal tour of the distillery itself.  Frankie and I had said we would lead them down and Wendy was their escort for the evening as they were staying the night in a hotel in Grantown. 

We dismantled all our bits again and loaded them back into Connie then led the entire group down and through the middle of the field and down to the distillery.  Here we were given a first class tour of the distillery followed by a wee dram as a sample.

It was time for the Cheshire & North Wales guys to head off towards Grantown but not before Frankie insisted in a group photo - see below.

There were some beautiful cars on display today at Forres, an Aston Martin DB7, a couple of E-types and numerous other real classics.  But yet again Frankie and I are sitting here at the end of yet another brilliant day out with some great cars, some great people and even more new friends - all thanks to our love of the best wee sports car in the world!  Another great Hi-5s MX5 day - now that's FAB (Frankie and Brian that is)!!

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Your Comments
7th May 2012 08:20 :: wendy Haywood
Hi every one had a great day at forres,and the Cheshire and North Wales guys and gals were just great,we left the distillery and headed to Grantown Via Dallas Konckando and along the the spey to Grantown it was great going through the town from top to bottom 16 MX5's in convoy I then left them at the Craiglynne went home changed then met them all for dinner got home at midnight great night and day so going down this morning to see them off on their last leg see you tonight Wendy

9th May 2012 03:22 :: Paul Mckay CNW AC
Hi Highland and Moray, I would like to say a big big thanks to everyone for making the Cheshire & North Wales feel so welcome on your stand at Forres and a big thank you to Brian and Frankie for making it possible for us to share the plateau pitch overlooking show ground, brilliant. The tour of the distillery at Benromach went down well, too well as I have now stocked up and emptied my bank balance. Big thanks also to Wendy who kindly led 16 cars down to Grantown on a very scenic route and was impressive to see all 16 cars in a line snaking through the twistys.
Lets hope we can do it again sometime soon. Cheers all.

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