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Findhorn Sunday Lunch
Sun 11th Mar 2012 to Sun 11th Mar 2012
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 6
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Hi-5s do Findhorn!

We’ve literally just returned from our first official run.  It was absolutely magical!  We arranged to meet at the DFS car park in Milburn Road Inverness at 11am.  Four cars turned up at the allotted hour.  We were joined by Doug and Muriel (Mk1), Dougal and Jane (Mk2) and Roger and Storm (Mk2) (Roger’s pup)! Frankie and I were there in our Mk2.5.  Everyone arrived with tops down.  It wasn’t the warmest day of the year but it wasn’t raining either.  Our route took us out the Culloden Moor road to Cawdor where we turned South into the hills.  We arrived at the forked junction I had been dreading and I held my hands up unsure whether to take the left as I thought, or stay on the main road to the right.  Fortunately Dougal and Jane (navigating) were right behind with their map and waved us straight on.

We arrived at the Ferness crossroads bang on 1145 as agreed and met up with Al and Ally in their Mk3 – we now had a full set!  Just before heading off again we were passed by another hood down 5 with two guys on board.  Lots of waving took place but unfortunately they didn’t stop to get the mandatory “intro card” from the Hi-5s!

Dougal and Jane took over the lead from this point.  As we had plenty of time to spare we had decided to take in a couple of “detours” – some of the smaller back roads in the area.  Our first one was rather interesting.  It was a single track road winding deeper and deeper into the hills.  At one stage we passed a couple of “locals” and were given some strange looks.  There weren’t any banjos visible (thought we could hear them playing though), but we didn’t stop for directions!  Unfortunately about a mile further on we discovered that we’d turned off one junction too early and were at a dead end.  Fortunately the banjos, sorry – locals, weren’t still there to laugh at us as we wound our way back.

The next junction was the correct one and again we headed off the beaten track and into some spectacular windy roads through the local forests.  Frankie and I had dropped to the rear at this stage to get some photos of the group.  It really was great to be travelling in convey with such perfect company.

Our first excursion was round a rather large loop off the main road.  We rejoined the main road for a couple of miles then took another right, once more onto the single track roads in the foothills to the South of Forres and Findhorn Bay.  We could almost smell our lunch.  Another 20 minutes of fun driving along single track roads and we arrived in Findhorn.  For those of you not from the area, Findhorn is on the coast and a very popular visiting spot for Sunday drivers.  It has a 20mph limit one way, around windy, narrow streets through the village.  As we wound our way along to the Crown and Anchor Hotel where we had booked lunch there wasn’t a single space to park.  Strangely there were 5 spaces sitting waiting for us in the hotel carpark where we were joined by Dave and Val who only live in Forres, some 5 miles away.

An excellent lunch was had by all.  I’d sat myself in the middle of the table and found it extremely difficult to know which conversation at either end of the table to get involved in.  It was brilliant to listen to all of the stories and banter which was going on, plus of course we discussed briefly our plans for the next couple of outings.  The making of a great group of friends I thought.

After a couple of pictures in the car park the group split up and headed off in several directions.  This left only Doug and Muriel, Frankie and myself to return to Inverness.  We decided again to keep away from the dreaded A96 wherever possible.  Muriel is from the area and obviously knew the roads pretty well.  At the first corner Doug hung a sharp right – where I didn’t even know a road existed.  We drove down several miles of superb twisty, narrow road right along the Southern shore of the Findhorn Bay.  Unfortunately we had to rejoin the A96 back at Forres.  Here I took back the lead and once over the Findhorn Bridge it was my turn to hang the sharp right to take us along more of the same narrow but beautiful quiet back roads running through the famous Culbin Forest.  We touched the A96 yet again to pass through Nairn and back onto the back roads down by Ardersier and Fort George.

Our last lap was back onto the A96 just a few miles outside Inverness.  Doug and Muriel waved their goodbyes a couple of miles outside town and Frankie and I drove quietly back into the DFS carpark.  Both of us yawning our heads off – not through boredom but from one of the best days out we’d had for a long time, tops down from start to finish so lots of fresh air in the lungs.

We sat in the car park for some minutes chatting about the fun we had just had and the people we had really just met for the first time.  What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday.  We can’t wait until the next one – Tomintoul and Ballater in a couple of weeks time!

Frankie & Brian – now that really is FAB!

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Your Comments
11th Mar 2012 21:52 :: Frankie
Apologies Roger...I know Storm is yours not Doug's! And for some reason the photos are displaying in reverse order. That aside We thoroughly enjoyed our first run today and look forward to many more - thank you all for your great company!

Frankie and Brian

12th Mar 2012 08:43 :: MurDo
That was a superb start to Hi5s new career! Many thanks to FAB for the organisation and to everyone for the good company and someone for the good weather.  Doug and Muriel

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