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Easter Weekend Run
Sat 3rd Apr 2010 to Mon 5th Apr 2010
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 16
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The Easter Weekend Run

Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th April


The Sun was not exactly shining when fifteen MX5's and 29 club members met in Callander for the annual Easter Trip. Some members braved the wet weather to catch up with friends old and new. Nice to meet new members Jane & Anthony, Gill & Alex, Glenis & Richard and Cath & Drew. After the usual "team brief" the cars were split into 2 groups to make the numbers more manageable.

The weather continued to be too wet for tops down. However by the time we reached Aviemore for lunch, it was cold but dry.

Being Easter weekend Aviemore was busy so we had to shoehorn the cars into various carparks. After lunch and a quick detour for petrol in Inverness we regrouped at the Kessock Bridge, before setting off on the final leg of the journey.

After arriving at The Royal Hotel in Ullapool, and meeting up with Moira and Gordon, we quickly checked in and then set off to check out the Ferry Boat Inn. Some chose to explore Ullapool before joining the others for a quick refreshment in the Ferry Boat. I suspect it was to avoid the curse of spending too long in the Ferry Boat. Maria particularly enjoyed the view of the local talent from her pouffee.

Then it was back to the hotel for a 3-course dinner. The staff seemed amused (not) when we moved all the tables to allow us to sit in larger groups. You would think they would know us by now! The wine was flowing as we chatted about the day and hilarity ensued.

After dinner a raffle was held in aid of Maggies Cancer Care and club funds which raised £100.00 and brings the total from 3 events this year to £195.00. As ever thanks again to all who contributed both in providing prizes and buying tickets.

Report by: Dorothy (W.A.G. 1)

SUNDAY REPORT (To Applecross)

Well I was truly set up by Chas at the Pub night to do this report. I will begin with my apologies to all that I mention. I have no money and the building society owns the house, so don’t think of suing.

We woke up to the birds singing, sun shining and the gentle hum from the factory boat in the harbour. Stella will say “a hum, that’s not what I was saying at 4 o’clock in the morning”. Nigel, Stella, Gordon and Moira were staying at the Harbour Lights, so they were much closer to the ‘HUM’. At 8:30am we met everyone in the Ballroom for a good Scottish breakfast, well, nearly everyone. Today nearly 2000 years ago Jesus rose from the dead and rolled the stone at the entrance of the cave. Our little ‘Tigger’, rolled out of bed at 8:30am and looked like death warmed up and some of us said “God you look awful” You know who you are, you little Tigger you. We were all nearly blinded with Gavin’s colourful rugby top. (Walter quietly commented on it, “Aye right” as they say) Gavin retorted by calling Walter and Janet; Mr and Mrs Stripy, as if on cue Eileen did exactly the same.

With full tummies we all got together in the car park for our group hug. We said our good-byes to Dot and Chas as Chas had to work the following day. As we left the car park Wilson and Susan took a video of the departing 14 car convoy. [You were all sadly missed]

We headed south on the A835, Ian and Jacqueline leading and Chic and Heather taking the rear. The tops were down, the sun had disappeared but popped back out again. Chic was giving me a running commentary over the radio, telling me the names of each Mountain, Munro and Lochs. I said to Jim that Chic had an incredible knowledge of this area. Heather told me later that she had to check the names on the map before he told me (caught out Chic). It was spectacular scenery looking over Loch Ewe going through Poolewe, and then as we ascended the weather deteriorated as we passed through a blizzard (the roofs were quickly put up) but the surroundings were breathtaking. One of my favourite mountains was Slioch Mountain beside Loch Marie. We could see it from a distance. It was spectacular with the snow covering. I took so many photograghs that I had to switch cameras (mostly with Colin and Sandra’s rear end. The car’s rear end, you lot, what are you like). The sun came out with a vengeance and some of the group got caught out as there were a few red foreheads and noses. We arrived at Gairloch for a comfort break. [The men think that means a toilet break, but us women take it that it is time to shop]. Someone was off her mark from the car park, she had time for a toilet break and buy a necklace for herself. Go! Jacquline Go! We the women are proud of you.

Roofs were down, the shades on and off we set heading towards Applecross. Another favourite of mine was us passing the Shieldaig Island, sitting within Loch with its dense coverage of mature Scots pine  contrasting with the bare mountainside surrounding the loch. As we descended we saw the Applecross Peninsula with the view of the Isle of Skye. We stopped at the very busy Applecross Inn serving its magnificent seafood. Once again we had topped up the tums and someone had the audacity to have a sweet (it was me). We had to say our farewell to Nigel and Stella as they had to go home. We set off up the “Beallach na Ba road”. Well most of us did, poor Graham and Marion were blocked in by the Porsche club and had to wait. Chic and Heather came to the rescue and waited with them. Up and up we went on the famous twisting single-track mountain road with its very tight hairpin bends. These are some of the best scenery in Scotland I have ever seen. As we waited on the others it was an ideal spot for a photo shoot. Some were even having a snow fight, ah! children at heart.
Richard said that if I thought that this road was spectacular wait for the descent. He was right.

Once we came of the single track roads it became quite busy and the group was split, but we all arrived safely back at the hotel. Everyone was on a high, and needed refreshments. That meant the Ferryboat Inn for some and a coffee along the sea front for others. In the Inn it was Walter’s job to keep the fire stoked and the other men to keep the glasses full. Poor Susan and Wilson wanted to see the local area of Ullapool especially to visit the Hydroponic Centre, unfortunately it had closed down 2 years ago. It was good to chat to Gordon and Moira as we couldn't manage the Rabbie Burns run.

It was time to prepare for dinner and meet again in the ballroom. The topic was the day’s run and again to mingle. It was good that we had the time to chat to Glenis, Richard, Cath and Drew as they had kindly drove up from Dalbeattie to meet us at the Falkirk Wheel for a coffee on the Fish and Chip run. After Dinner, once again we had a few refreshments in the lounge and got to chat with Alex and Gill. Next time Alex bring your equipment and you could do our feet, at a reduced rate of course and you can make some money on the side for your petrol. Jane and Antony perhaps we could do an MX5 run down your way and you could provide a free boat trip.

Anyway folks thank you one and all for making such a great week-end, you are such a good bunch and I hope to see you all soon. That is the end of the news for this evening. (Is that what they say at the end of the news Colin? Thank goodness you only brought your little camera not your S.T.V. camera)

Report By: Maria (W.A.G. 2)

MONDAY REPORT (Homeward Bound)

After another hearty breakfast we had our final `Group Hug` of the weekend. Due to the weather this was held inside at the hotel reception and some minor changes were made to our itinerary.(car count 10)

Tops remained up for most of the run along the A835 but the sun made a brief appearance and all went topless. However at Drumnadrochit we regrouped and the tops went back up. Gill and Alex, and Cath and Drew left us heading for Nairn and Aberdeen respectively.
Then there were 8.

We travelled along the side of Loch Ness keeping a lookout for Nessie but the only reported sighting of a monster was the one sitting next to me. As we approached Fort William the mighty Ben Nevis peeped out from under the clouds just as we passed. It was agreed not to stop in Fort William as it was raining heavily so we continued on to the Onich Hotel where some stayed for lunch but three cars decided to continue homewards.
Then there were 5.

This next stage was the best part of the journey home. Leaving Onich we continued on the A82, but took a very scenic detour through Kinlochleven. The road was fairly quiet and an excellent route for our wee MX5s. Glen Coe was as usual spectacular with fast flowing burns and waterfalls. Rannoch Moor had more water lying than normal. At Tyndrum Susan and Wilson left us- probably to change drivers!
Then there were 4.

From Tyndrum down through Crianlarich and Lochearnhead we continued on to Callander without incident. Around Doune someone's fuel light came on and at Stirling Services he peeled off leaving just three cars.

Since we were the ones short on fuel I have no idea what the others got up to but I do hope that everyone on our Easter Weekend Run enjoyed themselves and got home safely.

Report By: Janet (W.A.G. 3)


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Your Comments
5th Apr 2010 18:03 :: Stella & Nigel
Well Guys & Dolls, that was a super weekend, only downside was that we weren't able to stay over on the Sunday night:(

After we left you in blazing sun, we wound our way down the pass, on to Fort William and home again.  It was sunshine all the way and the scenery was beautiful.  Even had a blast with an Audi TT.  The grins on the faces of the Audi passengers were almost as big as ours!!!

Very many thanks to Ian and Jacqueline, and Chick and Heather for all your hard work.  Will keep the lovely trip handout as a souveneir.

Next year perhaps? 

5th Apr 2010 20:04 :: dot and chas
Great weekend,shame we could only stay Saturday night.Lots of fun with our friends old and new.
Many thanks to all.

5th Apr 2010 20:24 :: Richard & Eileen
Great weekend, big thanks to Ian and Jaqueline.

5th Apr 2010 20:51 :: chic and heather
Excellent weekend and superb roads, food and company.
Thanks to all who attended and hope you all thought the travelling was worthwhile.
Good to see one of our Lady members confidently taking the wheel on Sunday on some challenging roads and showing that there is no reason why more of our female members should have a drive.Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for guiding us around this stunning area of Scotland

5th Apr 2010 21:34 :: Lorraine
Where did you guys go. My pal saw a load of 5's at Lochearnhead and thought it was me.

5th Apr 2010 21:37 :: Jacqueline and Ian
Yet another brilliant MX-5 Scotland weekend event, many thanks to everyone who took part for making it so.

And boy were we lucky with Sundays perfect weather, that coupled with great roads, fine food and first class company MX-5 motoring just doesn’t get any better.

We hope to see you all again soon.

5th Apr 2010 21:40 :: chic
Lorraine - we were staying in Ullapool and touring Wester Ross

5th Apr 2010 21:43 :: Graham & Marion
Hi Ian & Jacqueline Chic & Heather
Many thanks for making it a great weekend.  You all made a great job of the weather!!
Ian thanks for the disc

5th Apr 2010 23:03 :: JimF
What a brilliant weekend, great company,hotel and routes. A pleasure to meet all the new members and of course the regulars who make these events so enjoyable. A big thanks to Ian and Chic who made this possible.

6th Apr 2010 09:06 :: Stella & Nige
P.S. Should add that Nigel comments that my eyesight must be getting worse - he said the speedo said 60!!!

6th Apr 2010 13:37 :: wattie97
What a great weekend. Super roads, hotel and company. We had a ball and hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as we did. Many thanks to Ian,Jaqueline,Chic and Heather for a perfect weekend.
Wattie & Janet.

6th Apr 2010 17:24 :: Gavin
What a blast that was, great company and great roads. The Ferry Boat must have wondered what hit them when we arrived. A great venue to unwind after a frustrating run up in the traffic. My face is still sore from the laughs we had. Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline and Chic and Heather who all made it possible.

6th Apr 2010 20:18 :: Sandra and Colin
Thank you all for a fabulous weekend.  It was great that the weather didn't turn out to be quite as bad as we feared after all the snow.  Even saw a fair amount of sunshine on Easter Sunday!  Loved the amazing roads and scenery but  the price of fuel was a bit painful!  Joys of having a company card to fill up with fuel normally!  Enjoyed meeting up with old and new friends - we had a great laugh.  Thanks to Jacqueline & Ian, Heather & Chic for organising.  Hope to see you all again soon. 

6th Apr 2010 20:49 :: Ian Ness
Full reports now posted. Many thanks to all three WAG's

6th Apr 2010 21:13 :: chic
Thanks to the WAGS for the reports and also to those who have posted a photo record...looks just about as good as it was....Maria I would have thought that by now you would know not to listen to Heather and especially not to pay any attention to anything she says where a map is involved.!!

13th Apr 2010 19:48 :: Jane and Anthony
Grrreat cars and good company - who could ask for more but we even got sunny weather and stunning views. Hope to meet up again soon (MX5 is pinning on the driveway with only the focus to keep it company). Thanks to all but especially to Ian, Jacqueline, Chick and Heather.

14th Apr 2010 19:02 :: Gordon & Moira
Just back in the Borders.
After you folks left the weather improved, so we stayed longer than planned.
We assume the bar was closed early on Sunday night, as you managed to leave before we came across to say cheerio. Or are you just trying to tell us something?
Superb run. Thanks to I&J, C&H.
Don't know where you all got to but I&J and ourselves had a great 80mph clear run pass

14th Apr 2010 19:17 :: Gordon & Moira
Oops! the mention of 80mph obviously cut me off.
We had a great run past Glascarnoch spoiled only by being overtaken on double whites by a boy racer in his wee vauxhall.

23rd Oct 2010 21:15 :: autoversicherung vergleich
It took me a long time to search on the net, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Kris

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