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The Gathering
Sun 21st Sep 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 50
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50 cars from Central, 73 Cars in total.

After discovering that our old meeting place at Caithness Glass was currently undergoing transformation into an industrial estate, the organisers soon found a suitable location at Dobbies Garden Centre on the A85 and just off the A9 Perth bypass. With numbers rising fast on the days preceding the Event, it was soon clear that with the expectation of around 46 pre booked cars, the organisation in getting them on the road as fast as possible was to be of paramount importance, our organisers of the run up to Glenshee, enlisted the help of John Sim to lead the first group and very wisely briefed the selected West Members at the pre meeting rendezvous point in Cumbernauld. Although the theory was to be admired, due to the scale of the Event and the mostly friendly atmosphere, in practice it took a little longer to implement, none of which is a criticism of the two organisers Colin & Rob. 

The three groups all enjoyed a tremendous run through some of Perthshire’s finest roads and scenery, including quite a few single track roads which caused no problems on the day, one particular section that many have since said was their favourite part, was the Moulin to Glenshee stretch after leaving Pitlochry, a slow climb with a few unexpected hairpins, a panoramic view of fantastic scenery and finally a succession of tight bends, hills and dips, all the elements that make our cars so enjoyable to drive.

A few willing helpers took the direct route to Glenshee, well almost, although we did stay off the A9, the purpose of this was to arrive at the Hotel in good time to arrange the parking as the various groups of cars arrived, this worked out perfectly and saved any hold ups on the main road into the Hotel, perhaps we failed in some resects as the cars did not look as prettily arranged as last year but with the extra 13 cars we still wonder if they would have fitted using the same V formation as last year. Having had a little time to spare, many of the members from all the Areas used this time to renew friendships with people. 

Once again a fantastic Buffet Lunch was laid on by the Hotel, at one point we were worried that everyone would not fit in to the double function room, however a few people had brought a picnic lunch which they enjoyed in the sunshine, thus leaving the Hotel able to cope with the remaining 98 covers.
After Lunch a few presentations were made, the first being Central’s Car of the Year Competition. This was won by Joe and Suzy. Lorraine announced Graham Keats as the winner of the recent Photo Competition and a birthday cake donated by Robin was presented to Kev Hamilton for being an Owners Club Member for Ten years.
The customary raffle then took place, with so many prizes kindly donated by Members of all the areas it took a little time to get through them all. After Lunch it was back to the Cars and more chat with friends before each of the Areas said farewell and headed off home.

To all our members for turning out on this grand occasion, we have beaten any previous records for the amount of cars participating.
To Colin & Claire and Rob & Margaret for all their hard work in organising the route and meeting place.
To John & Heather for stepping in at the last minute and taking the lead for the additional group of cars.
To Don & Liz, John & Carol and Chic & Heather for assisting the convoy leaders on the run.
To Gordon, Robin, Frank and Ian H (North E) for marshalling the Car Park.
To Janice, Linda, Lorraine, Colin & Elaine for helping with the organisation of the Restaurant seating. and raffle.
To All the Central and North Scotland Members for donating raffle prizes.

Read the NSS report of this event here.


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Your Comments
21st Sep 2008 19:32 :: Robin
Thanks organisers all for a fabulous day.
As always..quality company with good friends, venue, lunch & terrific roads.

21st Sep 2008 19:36 :: David, Heather & Hannah
Another great Gathering.  Well done and thanks to the organisers and to all who took part.

21st Sep 2008 19:52 :: nikki+paul
phew what a day well done and thatnks for a
fab day well done to the organisers and everyone that helped cant wait till next year

21st Sep 2008 19:57 :: Lola
Great day, great roads, great weather and great company!  Thanks to all the hard work of the organisers.

21st Sep 2008 20:06 :: Rob and Margaret
What wonderful day, always great to meet new members and our friends in the north. Many thanks to Douglas and the ACs for putting this all together, thanks also to all who helped with the convoys and parking.

21st Sep 2008 20:32 :: Heather I
A special thanks from me to Laura and Alex for giving me the use of their spare seats so that Hannah could go with David.

21st Sep 2008 20:33 :: woulfgar
lot's of fun fab roads even more nice people

21st Sep 2008 20:33 :: Joe&Suzy
Thanks to all for a wonderful Gathering. And a lovely surprise which we are now happy to say, will be sharing this prize with the original owner who has kindly accepted the offer from us both. Here's hoping next year is just as great!!!...:)

21st Sep 2008 20:41 :: Joe&Suzy
Thanks to all for a wonderful Gathering. And a lovely surprise which we are now happy to say, will be sharing this prize with the original owner who has kindly accepted the offer from us both. Here's hoping next year is just as great!!!...:)

21st Sep 2008 21:04 :: Sarah
What a great day, again thanks to the organisers for all the hard work.

21st Sep 2008 21:10 :: John & Carol
Fantastic day! Great roads, great company and great weather. Absolutetly loved it today. Thanks goes to the organisers for all the behind the scenes hard work. Glad I could help out with the convoys. I'll upload some photos asap.

21st Sep 2008 21:12 :: john
A great meal, super company, great cars, Super weather and great roads too! Thanks to Doug, Gavin and all the ACs and anybody else who helped make the day great !
The NSS convoy even got friendly peeps on the horns of some bikers leaving spittal as we arrived. They love us this year !

21st Sep 2008 21:26 :: IainC
Thanks all for great day my first run my daughter and I enjoyed ourselfs immensely

21st Sep 2008 22:05 :: Fergus
Fantastic day out on some great roads. Thanks to all who organised it.My first run and I loved every minute of it.

22nd Sep 2008 08:18 :: Jim
Great Run, Great Weather, Great Company! Thanks to all the organisers for their huge effort :-)

22nd Sep 2008 10:39 :: Linda
another great day, thanks to all the organisers for all their hard work in putting it all together, roll on next year

22nd Sep 2008 16:59 :: Stella & Nige
Ditto, ditto, ditto!  Great to see you all again, and whoever ordered the sunshine - well done!

22nd Sep 2008 19:43 :: Gordon & Janice
I think we're the last ones back :-)
Fantastic weekend all round, thanks to everyone involved in making this event such a success and we really look forward to seeing you all again next year.

22nd Sep 2008 22:22 :: harry & nancy
Thanks to everyone who organised "The Gathering" Great route and a great day out,once again many thanks.

23rd Sep 2008 08:44 :: Craig and Sharon
another fantastic event with great roads and weather, tops down all the way to spittal of Glenshee and back again.....fantastic !!! a pat on the back to all who helped and also a wee mention to Robin, nice to spend some time with you at the lunch, Sharon sends her regards

23rd Sep 2008 17:58 :: dot and chas
A big thank you to all involved and to the hotel for the food.A great day!

23rd Sep 2008 19:09 :: john&heather
good one - thanks to all - 50 cars?? (top of page) I'm sure I counted 73

23rd Sep 2008 19:40 :: Colin & Claire
Good day - like Craig says, hood down from start to finish !!! A wee while since we've had a run when that happened.
(John, think the car count is only referring to 'Central' cars only and not the total amount.)

23rd Sep 2008 19:47 :: chic and heather
Good day again - thanks to all involved

23rd Sep 2008 21:22 :: willie+gill
What a great day.Thanks to all the organisers for their hard work which produced an other quality Gathering.Special thanks to Douglas for his part in ensuring all went well.Realy good to meet with all our friends again. Looking forward to the next one.


24th Sep 2008 09:24 :: Sue Duncan
I'm sorry I missed you all at Dobies.  I didn't get on the road early enough.  Good to hear you had a great day. The weather was first class.

28th Sep 2008 23:23 :: Si
Image uploader now working ....

29th Sep 2008 13:46 :: GORDON & ALLISON

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