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Tain Car Rally
Sun 23rd Jun 2019 to Sun 23rd Jun 2019
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Tain Car Show 2019
Tradition has it that the Tain Car Rally is on ‘Father’s Day’, and that it normally rains (The Rain in Tain falls mainly on the links…..). However, this year tradition was cast aside, and the organisers opted for the weekend after Father’s Day, and it didn’t rain (or not at least until much later).

The rendezvous was Ken’s Garage at Kildary and a good number of cars had arrived nice and early, and others were continuing to arrive. Show entrance numbers were quickly handed out and names crossed off the list and we were only two cars missing. At this point the normal jokes start about Frankie & Brian always being the last car to arrive, but no they had just arrived, and the missing car was Ali Locke. Discussion now moved to the fact that we know Ali can sometimes struggle with roundabouts. However today this wasn’t the issue and a last-minute work issue had delayed him and he was soon with us.

Our 14-car convoy left for the Show. The Tain Show is always well organised and were soon on the showground. Although we had only booked 12 cars the organisers had given us a nice big stand which was more central to previous years. As we had space to spare, we lined the cars up at ‘Jaunty angles’ to make use of all this space but leaving enough room for Jenni who was arriving a little later. In the end we had a bit of car juggling to do to give us space to get up the Club Shelter which was there to allow a space away from the sunshine.  Now maybe due to the fact we haven’t seen a lot of sunshine this year the shelter didn’t have many takers with most folk getting out the chairs and enjoying the weather.

It was good to catch up with everybody after recent events, and there was a lot of positive talk about how we take things forward.

Although it was a lovely day, we didn’t really think it was as busy as normal with either exhibitors or visitors. Maybe the organisers may have to revert to the normal ‘Father’s Day’ format.

At Tain we are always encouraged to send cars ‘into the ring’ where they get a chance to stop and talk about their cars.  In previous years I have noted a bit of hesitation about this, but this year there seemed no shortage of members keen to get into that ring.

The day was passing quickly (did I mention the lovely weather?), and soon we were considering at what time to leave the field and head for Kildary where Gillian was preparing some refreshments. Many hands made light work of breaking down the club gear, and we were soon mounting up and heading out of Tain. We managed to get all the cars back to Kildary and although we have done this may times – we were finally able to have the refreshments in the garden!! However, to protect our guests from the sunshine we had erected gazebos for their comfort and protection.

Refreshments consumed and we got onto the serious business of electing our new Area Coordinators. Andy & Dorothy were proposed and were installed into the role with unanimous backing. We then discussed a few of the issues about some of the forthcoming runs, before bringing the meeting to a close.

Some left at this point, but for the rest of us Simon & Yvonne had brought a real treat with a bottle of their home-made strawberry gin served with ice and prosecco. This was enjoyed outside before we then moved inside and the wine, whisky and beer continued to flow. At this time of year, you are never too sure of the actual time due to the extended daylight, but even we were surprised that it was 10pm before the final MX5 disappeared into the Twighlight. 

Many thanks to all who came and made the day a success. Shame it is raining today(Monday) and Mickey hasn’t hasn’t moved from his basket today ( poor dog is knackered!). Now where is that aftersun….

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