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Fife Run
Sun 2nd Feb 2003
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 10
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"I am just going outside and may be some time"

10 cars left McDonalds at the Forth Bridge at 10.30 and were joined on the north side by the eleventh. We headed up to Crossgates, where the rain turned to snow. Over the road to Auchertool, the snow thinned out again and we made good time. As we left Crail, the snow came thick and fast. More worryingly, the restaurant phoned us and said there the snow was really. We decided it would be prudent to take their advice and cancel. We stopped in St Andrews to have lunch and to consider the next 30 miles, which is where the twelfth car joined us.

After lunch, the snow had moved on so we continued. Those from the north of Scotland diverted at the Tay bridge to head for home, while the rest of us continued to Perth and the M90. We stopped just outside Perth where I was asked why I didn't have the hood down. The words were still echoing in the air as the blizzard hit. We abandoned the rest of the route and headed straight for the M90. An interesting trip down that motorway and back over the Forth bridge followed, with radio reports of sideways 5s.

It was a fun run on good roads with some new friends. Don't let anyone tell you a 5 can't be driven in snow and ice, because it can, but having taken 2 hours to do 4 miles on the ice sheet that was the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass, let's just say roll on summer!


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