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Central - 25th Nov 2018
Planning meeting & lunch

Tayside - 2nd Dec 2018
Pre-Christmas Madness Lunch

Grampian - 1st Dec 2018
Tinsel Run

Highland - 2nd Dec 2018
Planning meeting

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Central - 8th Nov 2018
November pub meet & eat

Tayside - 18th Nov 2018
Falling Leaves

Grampian - 18th Nov 2018

Highland - 28th Oct 2018
Chippie Run


Planning meeting & lunch
Sun 25th Nov 2018
organised by Central Scotland
 Meeting Point : Corbie Inn Bo ness 
 Departure Time : 12:30: 

Planning Meeting

Sunday 25th November 2018

The Corbie Inn,
84 Corbiehall,
EH51 0AS

Google Maps Link to the venue

We wish to welcome as many members as possible to our annual planning meeting. Why not come along and contribute to the program of events for the 2019 season and enjoy a good lunch into the bargain?

If you have a favourite MX-5 style road you would like to share with us or even better, a complete day’s route you would like us to use, then come along and let us know. We would also welcome suggestions for different types of events or places to visit.
Please feel free to join us and help to make 2019 our best year yet.


01) - Previous meeting minutes – discussion and approval
02) - Overview of 2018 Events
03) - Election/Re-election of Area Co-ordinators
04) - ?????
05) - ?????

On a more social note:  Once again we intend to have lunch at the Inn before the formal meeting starts.

If you wish to join us for lunch, please post below so that we can book a space for you at the table. Normal menu choices apply.

If you're coming for lunch this will be at 12:30 followed by the planning meeting at 14:00. We need to finish by 16:30 as the pub has another event.

Organisers: Drew & Raymond

Attending Lunch and Meeting:

02 - Ali & Drew
03 - Hugh
05 - Dawn & Steven
07 - Marcia & Raymond
09 - Maria & Jim
11 - Carol & Evan
12 - Ian
14 - Janet & Wattie
16 - Heather & Marshall
17 - Gregg Couper
18 - Peter
20 - Camy & Lesley McNchol
21 - Mhairi Chambers

Attending Meeting Only
01 - Susan

Please post in the comment box below if you wish to attend..

Your Comments
9th Oct 2018 05:20 :: Hugh
I will be there.

9th Oct 2018 05:21 :: Hugh
I will be there.

14th Oct 2018 21:18 :: Steven & Dawn
Please show us attending for lunch & the meeting

18th Oct 2018 17:51 :: Marcia & Raymond
We will be there.

24th Oct 2018 19:11 :: Terry Kiernan
I will be attending lunch & meeting.

24th Oct 2018 21:53 :: Jim and Maria
Maria and I will be along for lunch and meeting

25th Oct 2018 17:44 :: Clive West
Can't be at the meeting but if anyone is interested I would be happy to help organise a weekend away in SW Scotland in addition to / instead of the Ullapool weekend.

25th Oct 2018 17:50 :: Carol & Evan
We will be there.

25th Oct 2018 18:27 :: Jacqueline & Ian
We’ll be there, lunch and meeting.

5th Nov 2018 20:35 :: Terry Kiernan
Sorry I will not be able to attend this meeting, forgot I had a wedding to go to on the 24th

7th Nov 2018 19:30 :: Susan
I'll be along just for the meeting, no lunch.

10th Nov 2018 16:43 :: Wattie97
Janet and I will be there for lunch and meeting.

14th Nov 2018 15:30 :: James Ford
Just a note, the doors of the pub do not open till 1230 on a Sunday so if you are there sharp don't panic if you are shut out.

15th Nov 2018 20:46 :: Marshall
So long since we have seen you all, but amazingly got the day off and will make this, keep us a seat .

18th Nov 2018 21:38 :: Gregg couper
I will come . It will be my first meeting

19th Nov 2018 22:11 :: Peter Jack
Late reply again but I'll be there for the lunch and meeting.

20th Nov 2018 13:26 :: cameron mcnicol
Camy and Lesley McNicol will be there for lunch and meeting, thank you

20th Nov 2018 17:52 :: Mhairi Chambers
Hope to attend for the meeting which will be my first one.

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