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October weekend
Sat 6th Oct 2018 to Sun 7th Oct 2018
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 9
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What a difference a day makes, weatherwise, in Scotland.

Our run from Erskine to Inveraray on Saturday was lovely with roof down blue skies and reasonable temperatures from start to finish. Sunday was a total difference - wet, wet, wet and more wet.

A turnout of 9 cars met at Caulders Garden Centre, Bishopton including ‘Three Mazdas Hugh’ in his latest Mk 1 Eunos project (but more of that later) for a coffee, and for some, bacon rolls, for a catchup and I think most avoided the large selection of Christmas merchandise on the way in and out.
All attendees were experienced runners so it was not necessary to conduct a what to do and not to do on a run briefing, so we all set off towards Greenock and our ferry cruise from Gourock to Sandbank in glorious sunshine and flat calm.
Leaving the ferry terminal we had pretty much empty roads, most of them single track with passing places to our lunch stop at the leisure Centre at Portavadie. The soup/ sandwich combo was very tasty and I wish we had brought our cosies as the outdoor pool looked very inviting, but we didn’t want to scare the youngsters using the pools so we set off again for Otter Ferry and Inveraray.

We cut across country to Glendaurel and a very narrow single track road running parallel to the A886. Our speed was gentle due to the narrow winding road with the odd vehicle coming the other way. Must mention the two Mercedes cars who refused to go on to the grass verge or reverse even though we had a line of nine cars. Eventually we got it sorted but I now rank Mercedes drivers in the same class as BMW ones who think they own the road.

However further down the road a drama unfolded. I was leading, with Hugh in his Mk1 Eunos behind me and went slowly round a left hand bend when I heard a tyre screech and looking in my mirror and saw Hugh bumping up on to the grass verge, failing to take the bend and disappearing down the slope. All stop. Luckily Hugh was OK but a bit shaken and the car although pretty much undamaged was irrecoverable with our limited resources. 
Yes you might also suspect  - no phone signal. I got Hugh’s insurance details and drove off with Dawn and Steven to get a phone signal while the rest of the party managed traffic.

You also guess, he was covered for breakdown but not what they classed as a road traffic accident. So no help there. However they did give the number for recovery firms. We tried the first one in Tighnabruich but it went to answerphone. The second was in Inveraray (Semples who did a great job) and initially thought we were too far away at 34 miles but after trying to explain where we were he agreed to come out. To cut a long story short, the rest of the group carried on to Inveraray and Steven Dawn, Ali and I stayed to help and support Hugh. The recovery lorry managed to get up the narrow road and pulled Hugh back on to the road. A few tie wraps to hold up the from bumper, removal of divots and ferns and his car was deemed drivable.

We all drove down to the junction of the A886 to wait for the recovery truck, who would help out further if needed and after a painful debit on Hugh’s credit card, Hugh drove back to Glasgow as planned to attend a family party. We got to the hotel around 6pm for a welcome G&T.

A meal later that evening was followed by our regular quiz hosted by Lazarus Wattie in his usual style. And guess what - the Nessies won - there is a first time for anything. However Dawn, Steven, Evan and Carol need to take some spelling lessons as 1 out of 10 put them well down the winning order.

After the quiz we had a raffle and raised £100 (including £15 quiz entry fee) for Air Ambulance - a great total from the 16 people present and thanks to all.

So it was time for bed and looking forward to day 2 and a run from Inveraray, to Oban and Crinan.
After breakfast and ready to set off, who should arrive for a second day but Hugh in the second of his 3 cars and also his best MK3. What a hero. I am surprised wife Karine allowed him out to play considering the weather but I suppose if you fall off a bike (or land in a ditch!) you need to get back on right away.
Anyway it was raining and it never stopped for the rest of the day, so we fueled up and Oban and headed for lunch at Cairnbaan, missing out on visiting Crinan on the way.
After lunch it was on back to Inveraray and a final stop at The Tree shop at the top of Loch Fyne.
There we finished the run and all headed for home through big puddles and rain.

Even though day 2 weather was horrible we all had a great time, a bit of drama, nobody hurt and a very pleasant social evening in the hotel.

Also thanks to Marcia and Raymond for organising the run but who couldn’t make it due to illness. Get well soon Marcia.

Thanks all for making it a great weekend.

Report by Drew

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Your Comments
6th Oct 2018 23:15 :: Hugh
Big thanks to everybody on the run today for their support. I will perfect parallel parking eventually, today's attempt was well below par.

7th Oct 2018 05:52 :: Hugh
Big thanks to everybody on the run today for their support. I will perfect parallel parking eventually, today's attempt was well below par.

7th Oct 2018 07:12 :: Hugh
Big thanks to everybody on the run today for their support. I will perfect parallel parking eventually, today's attempt was well below par.

7th Oct 2018 17:24 :: Hugh
Thanks Drew and Ali for organising us this weekend. Very enjoyable run in the sunshine yesterday apart from my little mishap. The rain today dampened spirits somewhat, but still good fun and great to see everyone.

7th Oct 2018 18:44 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks all for a lovely weekend - report added.

7th Oct 2018 21:48 :: rosie & alan
Thanks to Marcia And Raymond for organising the weekend. and  ali and Drew for running it, Thanks to wattie for the organising the quiz .It was great to see him looking so well. And finally get well soon Marcia

8th Oct 2018 11:32 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to Raymond and Marcia for organising, Drew and Ali for looking after us, Wattie as usual for great entertainment. Also thanks to the crowd who make these weekends away so good. Get well soon Marcia.

8th Oct 2018 11:38 :: Wattie97
Big thanks to Raymond and Marcia for organising a great weekend. And thanks to Drew and Ali for leading the run. It was great to meet up with our MX5 cronies again.
Marcia I hope you are feeling better soon you were really missed.

8th Oct 2018 20:50 :: Peter & Fiona
A big thanks to Drew and Ali for stepping in to lead this weekend's run and to Raymond & Marcia for organising a fantastic route and hotel. Quiz master general Wattie again providing some great after dinner entertainment. Another highly enjoyable weekend with the MX5 club.

9th Oct 2018 05:36 :: Hugh
For those buggers interested in others misfortune the recovery cost is £240.00. So who one the sweepstake then?
Anyone know how to go about crowd funding, should I seek advice from Alex Salmond. lol

9th Oct 2018 05:39 :: Hugh
Apologies for the spelling, that should be "who won the sweepstake."

9th Oct 2018 08:45 :: Drew
No-one ONE the sweepsteak, all guesses were £300 + so did you get off lightly?
We will make you the charity next year.

9th Oct 2018 12:58 :: Steven & Dawn
Sorry i am late.....Everyone has beaten me to it...Thanks to Marcia & Raymond for organizing the run, huge thanks for Ali & Drew for leading the weekend, would like to thank Wattie for the quiz but then again perhaps I would be better off just handing out the pens. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend most enjoyable. We would also like to say Get Well Soon Marcia.

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