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The Gathering 2018 - Braemar
Sun 3rd Jun 2018
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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I woke up to a dreich grey morning in Fife and thought that the run up to Braemar was not looking too great. However once you commit to something, you have to go, so it was a quick breakfast and pack the car with essentials - satnav, radios, sweeties, camera, umbrella, list of fellow travellers and it was time for the off - oops forgot to mention most importantly my co-pilot and she who must be obeyed Ali. We met up with Dave for the run to the meeting point at Stirling and realised one essential was missing for a roof down drive (even if it was still pretty miserable) - hats, so it was back to the house for more essentials.

We arrived at the roundabout off the M9 at Stirling and had to stop for Susan and we followed her to Dobbies ó please note this is the first time Susan has led a run ever!!.

A number of early arrivals were there to meet us and we were joined shortly after by the rest making 11 cars in total.

After a chat and a short briefing we were off, heading for Crieff. After Dunblane, I expected to turn off for Kinbuck but TomTom say no and so I obeyed good old Tom. Angus who was on the tail quickly reminded me that I had missed the turn but I reminded him that  I was in front and did not want to confuse anyone else if their navigation unit said the same as mine. Obviously Angusís was different. However it did not make much difference and we headed for Braco and Muthill on what were still great MX_5 roads and were quite quiet. The weather had also improved considerably and the sun was out making for a very pleasant morning.

Onwards through Crieff with the odd slow down to let the tail enders catch up and it was on to the Sma Glen and a spirited drive up to Aberfeldy and a comfort stop. Unfortunately we lost a couple of cars in Aberfeldy and even though Angus set off on an exploratory drive round Aberfeldy to find them while we waited at the toilets, he returned empty handed.

We decided to set off without them and headed off to Pitlochry and Glenshee. This is a great road from Glenshee with smooth surface and sweeping bends. We caught up with a Golf R which was enjoying a casual drive but when he saw 9 MX-5s behind him he set off more swiftly. It was great for me who had been leading, as he became the pathfinder - he had a couple of scary moments with a caravan convoy and more so with a big blue pick up truck coming fast towards him and taking up a lot of the fairly narrow road. Anyway we all survived unscathed.

Passing Glenshee ski centre I kept and eye out for the two missing 5s but did not spot them, so we continued on to Braemar and the showground. This was bathed in lovely sunshine and fellow fivers were out on their chairs and starting off into their picnics.

We found plenty of room to park on the grass overlooking the show ground. The club shop tent and a couple of event tents had been set up along with the catering stand from Glenshee which sold very tasty venison burgers.

Show cars were asked to park in front of the fencing and then Charles and Gillian got competitors organised for the sports day while the judges started the car inspections. Mel did a great job with the commentary even though there were no Central competitors for the sports (apologies  - you do not know how uncompetitive central folk are!!! ) although there were a few entries for the best car competition.

After tucking into a venison burger, drinking Irn Bru, chatting with fellow owners, apologising to the two owners in our group who got lost in Aberfeldy, picking up my free gift from Iain Fleming, walking into Braemar for an ice cream, taking some photos, more chat and an essential comfort break it was time to set off for home after having a very pleasant afternoon in lovely weather.

The roof had to come up for a short time heading for Glenshee, but came back down as we headed home via Blairgowrie and Perth.

I hope central competitors won some prizes in the best car competition but we had set off before the judges had finished and made their announcement as they had been very detailed in their judging. I am sure I will find out and congratulate them at a later date.

I estimated that there were over 50 cars at the event which was well down on the same event in 2016, but everone seemed to have a good time in any case. I hope you all had a safe journey home.

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Your Comments
3rd Jun 2018 20:38 :: Robert craig
Good run, lovely scenery
Hope to make the next run

3rd Jun 2018 21:46 :: Dave
Enjoyed the run, and the weather was very good to us.

4th Jun 2018 09:43 :: Enjay
Good little run.  I got caught in a very heavy downpour on the way home.  Loads of water washing rocks off the hills onto the road... then it cleared up again.

Good to meet and chat with a few folk.

I also got to renew my membership which I'd been meaning to get around to for too long.

4th Jun 2018 10:29 :: Steven Hedley
Cracking day. Got home tired, slightly red & chuffed to bits with my wee trophy & voucher. Good to catch up & see some lovely mx5s.

8th Jun 2018 18:41 :: Susan
Great run there and back
Love those roads and we were very lucky with the weather!

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