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The Fife Circle Run Revisited
Sun 20th May 2018
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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In the field of MX-5 runs, never have so many cars got lost in so short a time. Instead of being called the Fife Run Revisted, it should have been named 'The Everyone Get  Lost in an MX-5 Car Run'.

Everyone managed to keep together for the first few miles but things started to go awry after Glenrothes, Kennoway, Lathokar and St Andrews (especially St Andrews!!!) to name but a few. I phoned the lead group who were a few miles ahead to see how many they had, but they were unsure so I sat at the regroup point on the Strathkinness side of St Andrews with Stewart and eventually Raymond and Marcia turned up, but no one else. Ah well onwards and upwards so we set off assuming everyone would eventually make the coffee stop at Cairnie Fruit Farm.
Miraculously they all did but they certainly did not all go by the planned route.

After refreshments they all set off again, but I had my granddaughter so went straight home as she had had her fill of strawberry/chocolate muffin, juice and a punnet of freshly picked strawberries.
I was first to arrive at our late lunch stop in Culross and drivers then arrived in dribs and drabs after getting split up and lost yet again. Ah well everyone still said they had a good time.

I didn't realise deepest Fife was so confusing to so many people - mental note - might have to think about a winter night school route training programme for members - or maybe not as they all got there eventually - well done all.

I would also like to thank everyone for the raffle donations and collection of £69 for our charity - a great amount from a select few!

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Your Comments
20th May 2018 20:28 :: Robert and Melanie
Thanks to all for making us welcome. Great day out!

20th May 2018 20:40 :: Robert craig
Well done Dave, great day out
Robert and Craig

20th May 2018 21:18 :: Graham Wallker
Cheers Dave, a nice windy one :)

20th May 2018 21:43 :: Raymond & Marcia
Thanks Dave for an enjoyable day out.

20th May 2018 22:21 :: Peter & Fiona
Thanks Dave for organising todayís run, great fun as always and itís also given us a few ideas for evening runs out close to home.

21st May 2018 12:48 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks Dave and everyone participating, for an enjoyable day out. Report added.

21st May 2018 17:40 :: alan
Thanks Dave a great laugh today.

21st May 2018 18:46 :: Dave
Thanks to everybody that turned up, sorry I lost so many of you.  I know that all who were eating found their way to the Red Lion, so I hope you all had a good time.  Do Susan Ali and myself get a prize as the only ones who did the complete run via all the waypoints :-)

22nd May 2018 08:35 :: Stuart Wilsons
Thanks Dave great run great fun.

22nd May 2018 19:27 :: Stewart
Thanks Dave/Drew/Ali for organising a great top -down run

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