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Down Memory Lanes
Sun 25th Jun 2017
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 21
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Down Memory Lanes Run

Sunday 25th June 2017

Sainsbury’s car park in Strathaven looked like a Mazda garage when I arrived in convoy with another four cars. This was soon topped up with later arrivals and we ended up with a total 21 cars all raring to go to our first stop at the Moffat car show.

It was great to see a few more NAs and NBs belonging to new members as we see less and less of these great cars. Mentioning new members, it was great to meet Tommy & Karen, Scott & Janet, Peter & Fiona, Ivano & Rosie and Stephen and his wife. Sorry but I forgot your name - too many new faces for an oldie like me to remember.

After a pre run briefing we all set off, roofs down for Muirkirk on great MX-5 roads, but were faced with tractors and cycle events which tended to split up the group into smaller chunks. However we all regrouped at Muirkirk then set off for Douglas. I got a bit twitchy when I briefly saw a ‘road closed at Douglas’ sign but carried on regardless. I was following TomTom, so what else would you expect. Thankfully another sign further on said that roadworks had not started, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Mental note - check prior to run.

A less lively road followed on as we ran parallel with the M74 until the turn off after Abington for Leadhills and Elvanfoot. This was another great quiet windy country road and lovely driving conditions. Another section running parallel to the M74 and then back on country roads to Moffat. The town centre was busy as we drove through towards the show ground with the usual no parking cones in evidence.

The cars were queuing to get into the show ground  and I was a bit worried that we would not all get parked. However I need not have worried as they had opened up additional parking in the fields surrounding the show and we all found spaces. The organisation was notably better than on previous visits to this show.

We strolled over to the show entry, handed over our £5 entry and wandered through a large number of cars, old and not so old, pristine and not so pristine and chatted to various proud owners who were only too pleased to discuss their projects. I went round with Raymond and he kept stopping at RS 2000 Escorts and XR3is and reliving his younger life as a boy racer!

There seemed to be a lot more trade and car parts stands this year along with fast food stalls but we tended to avoid them as I did not need any more polish, dusters and a burger would have spoiled my appetite for the late lunch.

After about 1.5 hours at the show i headed off to the car meeting point at the long straight at the Moffat 30 limits and was pleased to see that everyone was there waiting for me. So off we headed for the Grey Mares Tail and St Mary’s Loch before turning off for Meggett and Talla dams over the hills. I again was a bit worried as we headed for Tala, as, if we had met another group of cars coming the other way, then a big traffic jam would have ensued as the road is so narrow with limited passing places. Again we were lucky and the road was clear and we had no holdups.

Onwards to Broughton and Biggar before reaching our end of run stop at The Mill Inn, Coulter where we had a room to ourselves and a very pleasant lunch followed. The raffle raised the great sum of £90 for our charities. Thanks everyone for your contributions of prizes and buying raffle tickets.

I hope you all enjoyed the day out and I look forward to seeing all of you sometime soon on another run. I especially hope the new members enjoyed their first run out and intend to jin us again.

Cheers all,

Report by: Drew

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Your Comments
25th Jun 2017 18:04 :: Allan Learmonth
Thanks all for a great day.

25th Jun 2017 19:28 :: Dave
Thanks for a good day.

25th Jun 2017 19:42 :: Scott & Janet
Sorry we couldn't make the return trip, but really enjoyed the run down. thanks again

25th Jun 2017 20:43 :: Steven
Thanks for organizing, really enjoyed the drive and Moffat show was pretty decent as well.
Nice to stretch the wee Eunos legs for a change.

25th Jun 2017 20:55 :: Chris
Great roads and weather, another good run!

25th Jun 2017 21:19 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks all for a great day out, run report added.

25th Jun 2017 22:50 :: Raymond & Marcia
Great day out down memory lane at Moffat.  Nice to see all these cars that are moments in time in memories so long ago! Thanks to Drew & Ali for orgainising this day out for us all with some superb roads & scenery. Hope our new members enjoyed also.

25th Jun 2017 23:35 :: alan
Thanks to Ali and Drew for a great day

26th Jun 2017 05:50 :: Angus
Another great day out

26th Jun 2017 09:04 :: Ian and Irene
Great day. Thanks everyone for organising and company.

26th Jun 2017 15:26 :: Susan
Fab day out. Great show and the roads down there never become less appealing. Good to see so many new members. Thanks to Drew and Ali for organising.

26th Jun 2017 21:28 :: Peter & Fiona
Thanks for a great day out with the club, well organised, nice scenery on route, good car show at Moffat, lovely lunch venue and most importantly friendly club members. As new club members will we be back for another run out? Big yes!

26th Jun 2017 23:09 :: Hugh & Karine
Thanks Ali  and Drew for organising a great day out. Great to meet new folk.

27th Jun 2017 21:40 :: Stewart
Add my thanks to all for a great run especially as it stayed dry until a downpour in Lanark on the way home.

28th Jun 2017 20:47 :: Carol & Evan
Thanks to Ali and Drew for all their work in organising another great run. Good roads, good weather, good company, good  show, good company.Great!

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