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Ali's Adventures the Sequel
Sat 1st Apr 2017 to Mon 3rd Apr 2017
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Unbelievably the time had come round for Ali & Mandy’s Adventures to Northumberland.

Five cars met at DFS Inverness and after the usual pleasantries set of roofs down meeting up with Wendy, Jill, Jimmy and his “eye in the sky” (Wee Willie) at Aviemore .
Our first stop was "Taste of Perthshire" where we met up with Martin and Lisa from the Isle of Skye.
As we sat and had our teas and coffees the heavens opened,this would turn out to be the pattern for the whole weekend it either rained behind us or in front of us but not on us!
So we headed off tops down getting stuck in a queue at the New Forth Bridge which is quite a marvel to look at!
Turning on to the A68 which is a good road for an MX-5 with it's twisty corners requiring a fair bit of driver input! we headed down to Cramlington with 2 stops, one for coffee and one for photo opportunities  at the Border
Of course before arriving at the Snowy Owl, I (Ali) had my customary I'm lost detour.
I have a cunning plan however! We have decided in the years to come that our organised trips will be called
"Ali & Mandy’s Mystery Adventures Tours"

Having all arrived safe and sound we checked in and finished off  Day One with dinner, drinks and plenty of banter!

Day Two
We woke to a nice sunny day so after breakfast we went for a walk to a sculptured landscaped park that used to be part of an open faced coal mine.
It wasn’t until  Jimmy got "Wee Willie" out that we could see that the curves and hillocks we were walking up,down and around were actually a sculptured women in all her glory!!
Back in our cars we barrelled up the A1 roofs down in the glorious sunshine, chattering away over the CB radios,to our destination of the "Holy Island" - Lindisfarne.
Crossing over the causeway I thought to myself, how ironic  I keep my car locked away from the salt all winter and here I am driving through salt laden puddles!
Having spent a few hours exploring the island, we set off again back to Cramlington taking the coastal roads passing glorious castles, harbours etc (and there were boats Bob). All the while in the glorious April Sunshine.
Getting back safe and sound we retired to our rooms for a bit of a rest. Although Jimmy decided to get "Wee Willie" out again and go and look at the naked woman next door.
A minibus picked us up just after 7.00pm  and took us into Cramlington for dinner at "Frankie and Benny’s".
This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment with slow service, food having to be returned because it was cold and lot of items on the menu not available.
It was so slow that poor Frankie didn't have time for pud as the bus was there to pick us up at 9.45pm!
But being the group we are we still managed to enjoy the evening with drinks and banter back at the hotel.

Final Day
Again we woke to a nice dry day. Having been fed and watered once again the roofs were  down and we headed up the A1 stopping at Berwick for fuel before heading on to the National Museum of Flight. 
Here we spent the afternoon walking round the various aircraft exhibits including Concorde and would you believe it "Wee Willie’s" brother and big cousin in the drone section.
So that was it trip almost done!
Jimmy, Jill and “Wee Willie” stayed in Edinburgh, Lisa and Martin had left before us with having a long drive back to Skye so the rest of us stopped for dinner back at the Taste of Perthshire following which we said our goodbyes and headed to our respective homes.
Thank you all for making the trip a success.
Tune in next year for the next exciting instalment of the revamped “Ali & Mandy’s Mystery Tour”

We (Charles & Gillian) would like on behalf of everyone on the trip to say a huge thank you to Ali and Mandy for organising yet another excellent weekend away. We are eagerly anticipating next year’s trip – wherever it may take us.

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Your Comments
3rd Apr 2017 21:09 :: Douglas and Muriel
A big thank you to All and Mandy for organising such a great weekend and even a bus to take us to our eating venue on Sunday night. As usual great company and weather. Hope everyone got home safely.

4th Apr 2017 16:10 :: Charles & Gillian
Thank you very much to (Uncle) Ali and (Aunty) Mandy for another brilliant weekend.All your efforts are very much appreciated. One question though who is it you speak to in order to book the weather and can you give us their number? Looking forward to reading your report!

4th Apr 2017 20:47 :: Martin & Lisa
Great weekend Ali and Mandy  thank you both very much who stole the toast at breakfast??

8th May 2017 13:18 :: Gillian
Event report has now been posted.

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