Changes To Engine Oil Grade Availability

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Changes To Engine Oil Grade Availability

Postby drumtochty » Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:02 pm

You will notice already and in future that the standard oil recommendation’s for engine oils will change and it has already started with Mazda quietly.

When you kook up oil recommendation’s in oil blenders guides these are based on a system with one company in Europe contacts the car manufacturer’s for updates to their oil recommendation’s and this data is put into an industry standard data base and distributed to the likes of Castrol, Mobil, Miller Oils and all the others.

If you look up the diff oil recommendations on a lot of oil blenders charts, they advise you to contact their technical departments as Mazda advise that only Mazda Diff oil is suitable for the latest CX3 and the Mk4 ND.

Few of these companies will publish that on their own sites.

Getting back to engine oil recommendation’s again there are changes but not as yet reflected in all the oil blenders recommendation’s.

With regards to the Mk1, Mk2 and 1.6 MK2.5 these have been recommended to use 10W/40 A3/B4 for normal use and have been for a few years now. It appears that this is changing to 5W/30 by a few blenders but not all.

With regards to the 1.8 Mk2.5 and MK3 for many years in the states they have been using 5W/20 and 0W/20 engine oils.

In Europe the basic recommendation has been 5W/30 A5/B5 but if you have great difficulty sleeping at nights, you could study the ACEA oil specs which show that the A5/B5 specs are very similar to the C2 or C3 specs which are for mid SAPS or ash content oils. I unlike many have no problems sleeping at night but still keep up with the ACEA engine oil sequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you now look up oil blenders recommendation’s a good number are now specifying a mid Saps C3 spec oil or a 0W/20 oil for these post Mk2 cars.

It appears to me that you will find it a bit more difficult in the future getting an 5W/30 A5/B5 at your local store and I have already started using 5W/30 C3 oils in the Mk2.5 and Mk3 cars as they are better priced and more available in a lot of cases.

Not convinced as yet about the disappearance of 10W/40 from the shelf.
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